How to take your event to the next level: Hire a celebrity

Have you ever been to an event that just felt… dead? You know the ones I mean – the music’s okay, there’s a free bar… but the vibe is off. You’ve had a couple glasses of mid-range prosecco, more than a couple of those questionably stale canapés, but there’s nothing keeping you there, there’s nothing exciting going on.

What was missing, you ask? The problem was, you didn’t know anybody there. Sure, you know the colleague you dragged along with you and the slightly-too-drunk mate who’s pestering the DJ for another rewind on ‘Bound 4 Da Reload’, but you don’t know anybody. The crowd are just anonymous faces, and there’s nobody interesting around, nobody exciting. What was missing was a touch of star power, an air of glamour and excitement – a VIP vibe that everybody in the room can sense. There’s only one way that you can bring that to your event: hire a celebrity.

Celebrity appearances can bring a much-needed sheen of stardom to any event: company parties, private events, club nights, awards ceremonies…there’s no occasion that couldn’t benefit from a notable invitee. Convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the options available to those who want to invite a famous face to their next event or party.

Celebrity DJ

This one’s a no-brainer, killing two birds with one stone. No need to hire a celebrity AND a DJ: instead, bring along a selector who’s known for their work in other fields. Celebrity DJs bring the party and the prestige, letting your guests get loose on the dancefloor while they marvel at whichever famous face you’ve selected to man the turntables.

Guest Speaker

Gripping stories, rousing rhetoric, interesting anecdotes, witty asides… everybody loves a great speech from a fascinating speaker. Whether it’s a celebrity chef promoting healthy eating, an Olympic athlete delivering an inspirational lecture on perseverance, or just a comic TV personality rattling off some hilarious stories, a guest speaker gives any event an edge.

Host / Presenter

If there’s one thing that livens up any awards ceremony, it’s a celebrity appearance. Instead of listening to your boss drone on about how proud the company is of this year’s MVP, let a famous face do the talking: they’ll undoubtedly pep up the proceedings with a few enlightening observations and a joke or two. Similarly, if your town needs this year’s Christmas lights turning on, don’t ask Len from down the pub – get Lenny Henry instead.

Celebrity Appearance

Sometimes a celebrity doesn’t need to do anything, they just need to be there. Gracefully circling the room, dispensing gleaming nuggets of wisdom and humour as they go, enlivening the event with that elusive air of stardom that only celebrities can provide. Make sure you choose someone that all your guests will recognise, whose talents are relevant to your event.

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