5 ways food and beverage companies can dominate social media

If you’re in the food and beverage business, the competition is fierce. New companies are leaving the industry just as fast as they entered. But, through social media, food and beverage companies can gain international attention – if they do it right. If a digital market company has told you to get on social media, you shouldn’t think twice. Social media platforms are where you need to be. Here’s how to dominate them.

Get personal

There are thousands of companies, but what makes your company stand out among the rest? Through social media, people’s knowledge and relationships are developed significantly. But this also includes the consumer-business relationship. Consumers want to know not only what they’re buying, but from who they’re buying it from. It’s crucial for your company to humanize the brand, giving it a more personalized feel. On your social media, show the followers how your product is made and the faces behind the brand.

Get visual

Apps like Instagram are based on visual content. So, when users are exploring through hashtags and posts, the ones they’re drawn to are vibrant, brights, and creative. Whether it’s a video of a decorative wedding cake or slicing through a juicy piece of steak, the content needs to connect to the viewer. However, regardless if it’s Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, define your niche, picking something specific such as vegan, street food, coffee, wine, etc. You’ll increase your viewership with potential customers.

Get on Instagram

Since it launched in 2010, over 1 billion users around the world are connected through Instagram. That being said, an average of over 55 million photos are uploaded every day, making it one of the most popular apps on the market. Though many of those photos are of kittens or selfies, the food and beverage industry is making huge leaps through the app. Since Instagram is a visual app, vibration and mouthwatering food and beverage posts are great ways to connect with foodies around the world.

Become engaging

People don’t just want to buy a product; they want to engage with the company. Aside from social media engagement through likes and comments, another great way to gain attention is by hosting contests and giveaways. You can use hashtags or feature their photo as a reward for engagement. Get them to test your product or share a selfie with the product. There are a variety of ways to engage users; this is where your creativity comes into play. They’ll be able to share these posts on any social media platform.

Respond to the haters

Regardless of your company and it’s a success on social media, you’re always going to have people who complain or unsatisfied with the product. Though ignoring them may look like a good idea, it’s not. By responding quickly and kindly, you’re increasing brand credibility and trust. Other followers will view your response, and well, that’s good publicity.

Social media can be tricky to use at first, but once you understand your audience and develop your own content, it’s smoothing sailing from there.

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