Treating food as an experience, not just a nourishment

Over the years, food has bloomed to become more than just our main source of nourishment. In fact, in the last fifty years or so, food became just as much of an experience as it did the way for our bodies to quell the hunger we feel on an empty stomach. While restaurants and cafes in beautiful locations have been a commonality since the dawn of the food industry first took flight, it was not until relatively recently that they became a goal rather than a niche.

This is perhaps at least partially due to the rise of the Instagram era, where consumers take pictures of locations, products, experiences, and moments, and they are showcased to the entire world. Many cafes and restaurants have found global infamy this way. social media is the new frontier in digital marketing – and what is more, is that it is consumer-driven, and thus, (most of the time) free.

Everything from Hemp protein to a beautiful restaurant over the ocean (and anything in between) can be advertised on social media, and people will buy it, or strive to experience it for themselves. The modern food industry is one that thrives on providing its diners with an experience that will keep them coming back. There are countless dining experiences all over the world, and each of them are valuable in their own right. Here are three of the most globally-renowned food experiences there is in all the world.

Dining in an Italian cave overlooking the crashing ocean

One of the most notable experience-driven restaurants in the world is none other than Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, a restaurant literally built into a cave off the coast of Puglia, Italy. This is an establishment that caters to the flavours and tastes that Italy is renowned for, set in a stunning backdrop that perfectly showcases the grandeur of the natural world. a truly unique experience, diners can enjoy fine wines and spirits, while eating meals of pizza, pasta, Italian breads and cheeses, and antipasto platters.

Eating with the fishes in the Maldives

There are several restaurants under the ocean’s surface, but the one in the Maldives is perhaps the most luxurious, and the most infamous of them all. under the perfect aqua blues of the ocean’s surface here in the Maldives, diners are taken underwater where they are treated to a lavish menu of delicious sea foods, salads, and drinks. The awe-inspiring views of the Maldives’ waters and aquatic wildlife make this a fine dining experience that one is likely to remember always.

A sunset dinner among the Southeast Asian rice fields

There are many food establishments peppered throughout Southeast Asia that are set amongst the rice fields, but there is nothing like a sunset in Bali. For this reason, the establishments set over the rice fields in Bali are popular all year round, with diners getting to try an assortment of traditional Balinese dishes, as well as some western favourites. Watching the sun go down over the rice fields is a truly unique experience, and what better way to enjoy it than with a cool drink and a delicious menu to choose from?

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