Blinds And Curtain Trends That Will Rule In 2021

Is the bland atmosphere of your living room taking a toll on your mental health?

Do you often think that you need to redecorate the entire living room?

Well, why don’t you change the curtains and transform and uplift the interiors? Stir up a transformation and make your living room look chic and trendy with the trendiest blinds in the market today.

Here are the top 7 trends of blinds and curtains that you can pick from.
1. Blinds and shades – Conventional shades are still in style and will always be. Privacy is best kept with blinds and shades. There are many choices like horizontal blinds, roller shades, cellular shades, and Roman shades. Some of these are really luxurious alternatives to vertical blinds like woven wood shades or bamboo shades, which are very much a trend at this point.

2. Minimalism – Minimalism is something that evokes a sense of cleanliness and tidiness in your rooms. Sometimes less is better, and this fits perfectly for curtains and blinds. It is always advisable to use soft and light weaves, which clear a lot of clutter. Long curtains are fine, but they shouldn’t be messy; light curtains that dance with the wind can make the room look much better.

3. Colors – The choice for colors must not be limited, and having said that, either complementing or contrasting colors are perfectly fine as a choice for the color theme of your curtains and blinds. Pastel shades are in style in 2021, and they can be a perfect choice.

4. DIY – Yes, it is not necessary to pick what you get in the market. You can reuse your old curtains or even make your special projects, where you can use old curtains with other pieces of cloth to make your new curtains. There are no criteria that you need to follow; whatever pleases your eyes and gives you a sense of beauty is good.

5. Enhancing the workplace – With the pandemic, we have seen that many homes have now become offices. The work from home culture has taken over, so everyone has found a quaint corner in their home that they use for their workstation. It is essential to enhance your workplace as the mood affects your productivity. You can experiment with the place, and if full-length curtains don’t cut it, then apron-length or café curtains can be used to make your workplace look more appealing.

6. Floral and Botanical prints – These are timeless. Floral and botanical prints have been used for curtains for a long time, and these prints on pastel shades can add wonders to your rooms. The retro look and feel of these prints can render a timeless look to your room. Natural and neutral hues look best with these prints like neutrals and soft greens.

Innovation – Try innovative designs for your blinds and curtains, like adding pop tassels or going for vibrant colors in the shades of teal, muted reds, etc. These accentuate the feel of the room and bring a positive vibe to the overall feel of the room.

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