Comfort Rules When It Comes To Israeli Fashion

If you think about Israeli fashion, probably the first place that would come to your mind is Tel Aviv. The city of the fashion hubs, Tel Aviv has become the powerhouse of style in the country. The Israeli fashion sense is largely influenced by comfort- the residents of the city love walking around in loose, comfortable clothing that can transmute from work to beach. Accompanied by a natural hairstyle and light makeup, the average Israelite’s choice if clothing is all about living comfortably in a temperate climate. From ring resizing to altering clothes, fashion in Israel puts comfort above everything else.

That being said, the fashion industry in Tel Aviv is far from uncomplicated. Israeli fashion designers turn towards their Mediterranean roots for inspiration, and the rich culture of the country serves as a perfect muse for the development of earthy, brilliant clothing. Comfort and convenience are central to the Israeli fashion industry, and most designers are challenged to create a comfortable collection that still exudes elegance and luxury.

Why is comfort so important to Israeli fashion?

Comfort is integral to fashion and has always been. Why would anyone want to wear clothes that aren’t fit to be walked or moved around in? For Israel, comfort becomes the primary deciding factor in the ordinary individual’s choice of wardrobe. The reasons behind this inclination towards comfort may be easy to discern. Here are two primary factors that determine why Israeli fashion is so obsessed with comfort.

  1. The climate is hot

Israel experiences a hot and arid climate. Nearly sixty percent of the country’s landscape is desert, and it receives warm, dry weather throughout the year. This is probably one of the primary reasons why comfortable clothing is essential in the country. Anything a little dressy, and the quotient of comfort is jeopardized.

 The clothes are kept long, covering up the entirety of the body for as much as possible. This is done to protect the skin from the strong rays of the sun and has been prevalent in Israeli clothing since the time of the Bedouins. Clothing is usually made in light colors, to reflect the rays of the sun more effectively.

Loose, shapeless clothing is preferred over tight, tailored clothes for the exact same reason. Keeping the clothes loose is the perfect way to ensure breathing space in them – tight clothes don’t really do a lot of favors in the extremely warm conditions of the summer months.

Linen is a popular fabric amongst the designers of the Tel Aviv fashion industry. Linen is a popular fabric in the Israeli fashion industry because of its ability to keep the body cool in the heat.

One unique feature about the clothing in Israel is the unisexuality of the same. Most of the clothes are worn by both men and women, which challenges gender norms in quite significant ways. Both men and women wear similar types of clothing, which says a lot about the egalitarian ways of the Israeli populace.

The weather in Israel influences the lifestyle to a great degree. Not just in the clothing, but the warm weather affects eating habits, spending habits, and vacationing habits as well. Everything is infused with a sense of ease, nonchalance, and idyll- and the weather is to blame for this.  

One of the most coveted brands in Israeli fashion, TRES uses light, machine washable fabrics for its clothing. Linen skirts and button-up shirts make up the most of the brand’s oeuvre, with an array of wraps and pants present to complement flatter body types.

  • The shaping of fashion in Israel

One of the most pertinent challenges that a lot of people in Israel face is the lack of fabric and textiles. That is why the new-age designers have turned to one-size clothing to make the most of their limited resources. The clothing is usually influenced by the Bedouin-style coats and flowing dresses that are meant for comfort in the exceptionally hot climate in the country.

For example, Maskit, founded in 1954, first found itself inspired by the diversity of Israeli culture. The desert coat, which is an absolute icon of the Israeli fashion, continues to remain popular to this day.

The current fashion scene in Tel Aviv

Fashion in Tel Aviv continues to be as simple as it was fifty years ago, international brands and styles are making a mark for themselves. However, the essential need for comfort is so rooted in the Israeli fashion bedrock that it will never be able to adopt completely the international tailored and uptight clothing.

Tel Aviv is celebrating sixth fashion week this year, and the celebrations will continue till March 13th. This is an exceptional opportunity for young designers to showcase their creations to a large and enthusiastic audience.

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