Quick Glance at Different Types of Bluetooth Headphones

There are so many varieties of headphones available in the market that it can be quite perplexing to drill down to one. I am sure most of you keep delaying the purchase even when your existing headphones start giving a problem just because choosing a new one from the various available options seems like a humongous task. And you have no time to go down that road, isn’t it? Well, we are here to ease the task for you. Here is a quick glance at the different types of Bluetooth headphones available in the market. This will help you understand your type so that you can go ahead and look for options only in that category. Relieved already? Read on!

Different Types of Bluetooth Headphones

Here is a look at the various varieties of Bluetooth headphones:


Over-ear pairs wrap perfectly around the ears. They stay intact even as you indulge in intense sports activities. Equipped with excellent noise cancellation technology and audio quality, they have the capacity to shut the world out and allow you to enjoy music to the fullest. However, you require shelling a substantial amount to lay hands on them. Besides, they are quite bulky which makes them difficult to carry.


In-ear Bluetooth headphones tuck right inside your ear. Ear buds, as they are popularly known as, are the smallest headphones available in the market. These are light-weight and easy to carry. However, they may not offer as good a sound quality as the other two varieties of Bluetooth owing to their small size. Bass levels are especially compromised in these.

Although they work on Bluetooth technology and are connected to your device through the same, some of the models come with a wire that connects the ear buds with one another.


On-ear headphones rest on the top of your ear. They boost of good sound quality, facilitate easy connectivity and do not overheat the ears. Although they are pocket-friendly compared to over-ear headphones however, they may not block out noise as efficiently as the later.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Pair?

Now that you know about the different varieties of headphones that run on Bluetooth technology and have almost figured out which one would work best for you, it is time to learn about few other considerations. Some of the things that you must consider while picking a suitable pair include the battery life, headphone controls, microphone, water-proof rating, and the availability of case. Most importantly, you must check which ones you are most comfortable wearing as lack of comfort can ruin the entire experience. So, you see when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, the different varieties to choose from include in-ear, over-ear and on-ear. The best Bluetooth headphones for you would be the ones that do not only offer high audio quality, have a long battery life and are comfortable to wear but also the ones that fit into your budget. The later will help drill down the options further and reach the most suitable pair in no time.

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