Great Jobs You Can Do While Traveling the World

Jobs You Can Do While Traveling the World

Have you always wanted to travel more but can’t afford to quit working? Here’s some good news for you! It’s now possible to make a decent living and see the world at the same time. There are numerous modern-day job opportunities that cater to this lifestyle. Jobs that don’t require you to commute to work daily or meet up with clients during normal business hours. With these kinds of jobs, you can either travel to other places for work or work while on the road.

Remote jobs have gotten a lot more popular in recent years. According to the hospitality team at Sea Dell Motels, “Instead of taking holidays once or twice a year, a lot of people these days, vacation all year round and this is thanks to remote jobs.”

Here’s a list of high to moderate paying jobs that are well-suited to those who travel frequently. These jobs are suited for those who are college educated and those who are not.  

Categories of Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

Numerous jobs give one the luxury to travel around the world while doing them. Most of these jobs are high paying jobs you can learn online. These jobs could be categorized into two classes: Online jobs and jobs that require you to constantly move around the world.

Online Jobs

All you need for an online job is a computer and the internet. People who work this way while moving around the world are sometimes called “digital Nomads.”

If you do not like to stay in one place for an extended period, then these types of jobs are for you. You can do them while traveling. Examples include programmers, web developers, virtual editors, freelance writers, travel bloggers, vloggers, and influencers.

Jobs That Require You Travel to Do the Work

These types of jobs require you to travel frequently to carry out the tasks. Depending on the job, you may not be able to control the location and the time of travel, meaning that you may sometimes get sent to work at places that are not on your list of dream locations. Examples include event managers, salespeople, people in the military, air hostesses, and pilots.

Jobs that Let You Travel While Earning Money

Here’s a list of jobs you can do while travelling:

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging might not always start out as a lucrative career, but it can blossom into a huge source of wealth when taken seriously. Other blogging niches that one could go into while travelling include food, fashion, and lifestyle. Bloggers make money mostly from advertising, affiliate marketing, and influencer projects. To thrive in this industry, it is imperative to build an audience, and this takes time, effort and patience!

Skills needed: Excellent writing skills, basic photography and social media skills.

Qualification: A degree is not required. 

Acquiring the skills:

  • Read a variety of travel blogs while paying special attention to the most popular ones.
  • Understand SEO techniques and incorporate keywords into your blog.
  • Create original and helpful content.
  • Understand marketing via social media platforms.

Freelance Travel Photographer

Travel or adventure photography is a dream job, it could also require a lot of hard work. You can make money from selling photos to clients for use in magazines, books, brand campaigns, and websites or upload them to micro-stock sites.

Traveling photographers can also sell online photography tutorials or lead photography tours. You can get paid “influencer” fees as your social media audience grows.

Skills needed: Good photography and editing skills, attention to detail, and great storytelling skills

Qualification: A degree is not necessarily required

Acquiring the skill: you could take professional photography courses online

Tour Guide 

This is for people who enjoy traveling and sharing their knowledge with tourists. This job allows you to travel around cities while earning money. Wherever you want to go, popular vacation spots are always in need of friendly, knowledgeable guides to show visitors around.

Skills needed:

Possess excellent communication skills; speak English, the local language, and one foreign language; and have a profound familiarity with the city’s history, cuisine, and historic sites.

Qualification: A history degree might be required.

Skills acquisition:

  • Learn the different languages spoken in different countries like French, Spanish
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the city and its culture by venturing out and discovering its hidden gems. 
  • Read Useful resources like personal travel blogs and Wikipedia.

Air Hostess

Air hostess jobs are one of the most accessible jobs that takes you around the world. You’ll visit hundreds of cities around the world, but the work is sometimes tough, and the hours are irregular. This job requires overnight layovers, and you may spend 1 to 3 days a week in different countries with the airline paying for hotels, transportation, and food.

Skills needed: Decent looks, great personality, and excellent communication skills

Qualifications: Customer service experience and air hostess certification.

Skill acquisition:

  • Join an air hostess academy.
  • Learn a French or English

Event Planner

Event Planners organize gatherings such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, conferences, and other professional events. They have to come up with event locations, means of transportation for performers, among several other details.

Skills needed: Management skills, effective communication skills

Qualifications: This career does not necessarily require a degree, however, a master’s in event management or public relations would give you an edge

Skill acquisition: Courses on project management or postgraduate studies in project management could be taken.

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