What Is A Difference Between Divorce Coach & Divorce Lawyer?

Going through the process of divorce can be utterly nerve-racking. You have to discuss unpleasant matters such as division of assets, and custody of your children with your spouse, which might leave a gash in your heart and soul. It is here where the role of a divorce coach becomes so pertinent.

A divorce coach is very much like an event manager. They take care of all the details relevant to the event, in this case, divorce. They will help you get over the emotional trauma that the idea of separation has caused. People suffer from psychological wounds, and a divorce coach must take a big chunk of the burden down from over your heart. 

Many people get confused about whether a divorce coach is the same as a divorce lawyer.

The simple and straight answer is a NO.

A divorce coach will guide you during your tough time but will not get into legal affairs. However, they will guide you to systematize your goals and chalk out how you can swiftly skate through the process of divorce.  Here we will discuss the relevant responsibilities of a divorce coach for your better understanding. 

  • A divorce coach will not offer any legal help or will not be your shrink. However, your divorce coach is your mentor, truly. Many people find themselves transitioning in denial. They have a really hard time accepting the horrid situation divorce is going to cause in their lives. A divorce coach tries to motivate and uplift the spirit of the person to help them move on in life easily. 

  • A divorce coach generally works alongside divorce attorneys. Their role is to help you understand what should be crucial for you in a divorce. 

  • A divorce attorney’s job is to go through all the legal details, prepare your paperwork, file the divorce petition, fetch alimony or any settlement, for that matter, and so on. It is not a divorce attorney’s responsibility to hear your emotional trauma or what is beating your soul. Plus, the hourly rate of a divorce attorney is way heftier than that of a divorce coach. So, instead of looking for emotional support from a divorce attorney, you can fetch the advice of a divorce coach to settle all the issues, prepare your goals, and handle the matter more maturely. 

  • If you want your rights protected then, solely depending upon a divorce coach and representing yourself in the court of law is not a very wise idea. You should have some legal know-how to tackle difficult situations. A divorce coach will not review the agreements. So, you can get a consulting attorney to help you in this matter. The option is pretty cost-effective because hiring a traditional divorce lawyer might be a tad bit costly. But, this is a good choice only when you and your spouse have everything sorted. You people have a basic understanding of how things are going to be, or if your spouse is ready to accept your rights and settle all the claims. 

Divorce mediation requires professional help, but only a divorce coach will not be able to handle all the legal implications for you. In any case, you must get a divorce attorney’s guidance to straighten out legal aspects. 

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