Some of The Best Ecotourism Parks in Malaysia: 2023

Ecotourism Parks in Malaysia

When thinking about ecotourism, perhaps Malaysia is not the first country that comes to mind, at least not to us Westerners. In fact, Malaysia has a rapidly growing tourist sector due to its biodiversity & tropical climate. There are quite a few national parks in the country that rank highly in all of Asia.

The Penang National Park

Although not a very spacious park (at under 30 square kilometers), The Penang National Park is considered to be one of the best in Asia. It is located on the island of Pulau Pinang and is easily accessible from peninsular Malaysia.

The pristine Monkey Beach is one of the main attractions of this small park, and it is also home to local macaque monkeys. You may also check out the canopy walkway trail to spot some wildlife.

The Forest Research Institute

If you need a break from the Urban life in Kuala Lumpur, the FRIM is just a short drive from the city and is home to the Kepong heritage site. It is a clean area that is perfect for getting a look at local wildlife, camping, and hiking.

Santubong and Bantal

If you are wanting to see spot some live dolphins, you may find large groups of them in this national park. Located in the Sarawak state, there is no shortage of tour groups to take you up close to the action. There are plenty of other tour groups for birdwatching and sightseeing in other parts of the park.

Kinabulu Park

Located in Borneo, a province known for its natural beauty, Kinabalu Park is definitely Asia’s best location to see diverse flora and fauna. This is due to the diverse microclimates found in this area, with a combination of highlands and lowlands. With just orchids alone, there are over 1,200 known species in the area.

Many tourists come to climb Low’s Peak, which is probably one of the most beautiful climbs in the world. The climb is not too demanding in comparison to other mountains and may be completed within a day or slightly longer. Of course, It is highly recommended to go on a guided tour.­

Royal Belum State Park

Located within the rainforest of Belum-Temengor, this park is home to thousands of species of plants. In particular, tourists flock to the area to find Rafflesia, which is the largest known flower on Earth. There are also rare animals to be found within the park, like the Malayan Tiger.

Accommodation is available within the park, making it the perfect base to observe wildlife and seek out plants. There is also bamboo rafting tours if you are in need of an adrenaline rush from this park.

Prior to planning an excursion to Malaysia, make sure to sort out whether you need a Malaysia visa to enter the country. Many passport holders of First World nations are likely able to enter without obtaining a visa in advance. For extended stays, there are optio­ns to obtain residency that are very competitive with the rest of Asia.

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