Why Should You Must Implement DMARC For Your Business

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Before we explore why DMARC is good for your business, let us first find out what is DMARC.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, also known as DMARC, validates emails to detect and prevent spoofing. It helps to sort out genuine and fraudulent emails sent using the company’s domain name. DMARC consists of two components, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), which help in identifying fraudulent emails but are incapable of stating which mails are rejected and why.

DMARC is like an additional record that specifies which authentication method is used. It also explains how the recipient should handle the given email if the specified method of authentication fails. Email service providers perform a thorough DMARC check before they accept any email. If an incoming email fails the authentication, by looking at the DMARC record, it will be deleted.

Why is DMARC implementation beneficial for business?

DMARC is easy to implement in your business if you are already using SPF and DKIM in your mail servers. The steps to integrate DMARC is as simple as making some text changes; the DMARC report gets created and saved as a DNS entry for a given domain.

The benefits of DMARC implementation include –

  • Fraud detection – DMARC helps to detect and block fraudulent emails from getting delivered. It guarantees your email is legitimate as only some specific IPs are authorized to send mails from your domain.
  • No spoofing – It prevents your domain from getting spoofed. It controls various cyber threats by stopping criminals from spamming your domain.
  • Authentication – It authenticates the legitimate emails and helps in delivering the same to the recipient’s inbox. With DMARC, you will gain full control and visibility over your domain. You would know who is sending emails, which one is getting authenticated, and which one is not.
  • Reduces phishing – Apart from stopping internal fraud, it also stops spoofed emails from getting delivered to the recipient’s inbox. It reduces the rate of phishing attacks.
  • Preserves brand value – It helps in preserving your brand name and equity. Since only genuine emails can be sent from your domain, your recipients will not get scammed. It will improve their confidence in your brand.
  • Optimizes costs – It also helps in eliminating all the costs related to email fraud in a company. You would not have to incorporate pages after pages dedicated to scams and frauds on your website.

If you want to do email marketing campaigns for your business, incorporating DMARC is a great idea. It would help your mails to get delivered directly to the inbox of your recipient. It will help you to market your products better and thus will serve the purpose of the campaign.

With DMARC, you will easily be able to handle failed authentication mails. You can send them directly to isolated folders or reject them. DMARC improves the emails’ deliverability factors and hence proves to be a great return for the investment. Consider the above advantages and think about implementing DMARC for your business.

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