Enhance Your Style with the Right Eyeglass Frame: Complete Guide

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Growing number of people around the world are being prescribed glasses and most of them do not like wearing it. Many people switch to contact lenses to avoid eyeglasses even though managing lenses can be quite a task.

If you too feel that prescription glasses are hindering your beauty then you probably haven’t seen the stylish range of frames available in the market. It may also be possible that you have chosen the wrong frame type.

Eyeglasses have evolved over the time and several stylish versions have hit the market. These stylish pieces can aid in enhancing your style. Let us learn how!

Choose an Eyeglass Frame Matching Your Face Cut

It is essential to go for an eyeglass frame that suits your features and face type. Here is a complete guide to help you select an appropriate frame:

Oval Face

Those with oval face shape look good in almost all kinds of frames. However, it is best to pick one which is wide. Wide rectangular frames look great on this face type and so do square and geometric shapes.

Square Face

If you have a broad forehead and a visibly strong jaw line with the length and width of the face being almost the same then you are blessed with a square face. People with this face type should go for narrow frames as it makes this proportionate face appear long. Round and oval shape frames are best for this face type.

Triangle Face

Triangle face includes a narrow forehead and wide cheeks as well as chin. People with this face type should opt for a frame which accentuates the top of the face and makes the wide bottom appear subtle. D frames and cat eye frames are a good choice for this kind of face.

Diamond Face

This unique face type includes narrow forehead and jaw line. The cheekbones, on the other hand, are broad and exceptionally high thereby rendering a distinct look. It is suggested to opt for frames with distinct brow lines in order to make the cheekbones appear subtle. Cat eye frames thus look good on those with diamond face. Oval and round frames are also a good choice.

Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face is wide on the top and narrow at the bottom with enhanced cheekbones. Those with this face type are suggested to go for a frame that is wider at the bottom. This is because it makes the wide top appear subtle. For those with a particularly sharp and pointy chin it is best to opt for oval shaped frame.

Oblong Face

This face type is known for its long and straight cheek line. In order to strike a balance, it is suggested to go for frames that emphasise depth. When it comes to the shape of the frames, round, square as well as geometric frames look good. However, one must be wary of short and narrow frames as they make the face appear even longer.


If you think your eyeglasses are marring your look rather than accentuating it then chances are you haven’t picked a piece matching your face cut. Let the above information guide you in this regard.

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