Types Of Trichomes On Cannabis And Their Qualities

Trichomes on Cannabis Image

Trichomes are microscopic hair found on the cannabis plant. These tiny mushroom shaped structures render a unique aroma to this plant and are also responsible for its potency.

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD that are unique to cannabis sativa are present inside the heads of trichomes. These hair-like microscopic structures have garnered the attention of researchers worldwide.

These are thus being studied extensively. Here is a closer look at what trichomes really are, their various types and the reason these are deemed so special.

A Brief about Trichomes on Cannabis

Trichomes are said to be the most important part of cannabis. The more trichomes the plant has the more fragrant and potent it is. The cannabis cultivation that yields more trichomes is also said to be richer than the one that has less number of these structures. This is because these tiny structures produce THC and CBD. They also produce terpenes that render a unique fragrance to the plant.

Types of Trichomes

Trichomes on cannabis are of three different types. Let us take a look at these different varieties and also learn about the unique qualities of each of these:

Bulbous Trichomes

These unique trichomes are the smallest variety of trichomes present on Cannabis. These are hardly 10-15 micrometers in length and thus aren’t visible to the naked eye. You need a microscope to view these tiny elements that appear all over the plant. Each of these trichomes consists of few cells. They have a short stalk and a unique gland head. This gland discharges resin and usually forms a bulbous protrusion on the membrane.

Capitate Sessile Trichomes

These are bigger in size as compared to the bulbous trichomes. Comprised of single cell stalk, these are also comparatively greater in number.

The gland present on these is globular shaped and is approximately 25-100 micrometers in length. It contains 8-16 cells. Together, these cells form a beautiful convex rosette present on the top of the stalk.

Capitate Stalked Trichomes

These are 50-100 micrometers in size and are present in large amount on Cannabis. They come into form at the time the cannabis plant flowers. Made of basal cell, they have a waxy gland head. They form a coating in and around the calyxes that surround new buds.

Trichomes are also classified as clear, cloudy and amber. It is important to keep a track of their changing colour and appeal to identify the appropriate time to harvest the crop.

Trichomes Safeguard the Plant

Trichomes have a pungent smell and taste bitter because of which they repel small insects and thus act as a safety shield for the plant. These structures also act as a boon for the crop cultivators as they do not require spraying a lot of pesticides to keep the insects at bay.

Besides, lesser use of insecticides and pesticides makes the yield safer for human consumption.


Trichomes certainly are one of the main parts of cannabis. The enchanting aroma and medicinal qualities that are unique to this plant are a gift of these small structures.

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