New Age Call Recording For Businesses

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When you call the sales agent or customer care of any business entity, you must have heard this line “Your calls can be recorded for quality and training purposes”. This is an industry-standard, but not all companies will be able to take full benefit from this. You can use call recordings in a number of ways that will benefit your business.

When you have the right call recording software like Call Recorder – IntCall and Call Recorder Pay As You Go for users outside the USA and Canada, it will help to improve the quality of your customer service remarkably.

Call recording – things that you need to know

Call recording can be done over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP). You will find the recorded calls to be stored in an audio format so that it can be played back later. Call recording is basically done to store conversations.

People these days basically use two types of smartphone interfaces. One being Android while the other is iOS. Call recording on Android phones has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Some models support it (Xiaomi Redmi, some of Samsung models) while others do not. The early versions of the Android OS had supported this feature but with up-gradation, things changed. Those using phone models without native support had to download apps that either exploited a workaround in the Android OS (rooted and not available in all models) or use other means such as recording from the speaker (that resulted in bad recording quality), VoIP calling or conference calling.

For iPhone the situation is different. A leading call recording app developer, Telestar LTD, has developed a Call Recorder – IntCall and has over 15 million downloads explained the situation of the iPhone market.

No iPhone model has ever had any native capability for call recording and currently, there are no plans (or public plans) to add it. It is not a technical problem or feature that is lacking. In fact, studies suggest that it is for legal reasons, as each country (and even state) has its own call recording laws. To record call iPhone users must download compatible apps from the App Store. There are two ways apps record your calls on iPhone: either make the call on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), i.e. over the internet or make a conference call between your phone, the recipient phone, and the app’s phone.

The VoIP method is much more comfortable. You will need to make the call using the app but it is no different than the normal calling screen. You will get a dial pad on the app, you will have to dial the number just like you do normally and then you can connect with people seamlessly. The limitation here is that you can’t record incoming calls using the app.

When using the conference method the app helps you make the conference call but it is still confusing, time-consuming and not supported by all mobile carriers as it depends on the network architecture.

But with apps like IntCall, things have been made easy. The app combines the above method for all-round convenience. It uses VoIP for outgoing calls and conference method for the incoming ones.

All apps work in one of these ways and there is no option to automatically record your calls. Some apps say that but it’s just impossible, due to Apple regulation that will prevent publishing such an app in the iTunes App Store.


The best things about this app are that there are no hidden fees or charges of using this. You will have to pay as you go. Using the app, you will be able to record national and international calls and the entire recording can be saved in your phone directly. But before using the application, you will need to make sure that recording of conversations is legal in your country.

You can save the conversations in multiple online and offline channels and even send them over e-mails and WhatsApp. You can even give a title to each of the recordings for your convenience. So whether you wish to record calls to improve your business or for any personal reasons, the apps will prove to be helpful for you.

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