How To Overcome Your Inner Judge For Effective Leadership

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Often, what makes us fail is the inner critic who keeps on telling us what we are going to do might not be correct.

Every step taken and every decision made, is controlled by our inner thoughts that can either push us towards excellence or pull us down into self-doubt. What makes a leader powerful is confidence, and confidence comes from taming the internal voice, believing in oneself, and suppressing self-doubt.

Through positive intelligence assessment, one can achieve new heights in life because it orients us to focus on the positive aspects of life. It will help in toughening up the inner sage, which is our true internal-self.

“To err is human” so instead of feeling dejected why not learn from your mistakes and failures to build your core as a leader?

In this blog, let us find out how to overcome your inner judge for boosting leadership skills.

Concentrate more on the positive aspects

Whenever the inner voice tries to pull you down, remind yourself of all your strengths and accomplishments. Also, remember that you excel at certain things, and you are an expert. These thoughts will boost your morale to achieve better. 

Avoid comparisons

Comparing yourself with others will hamper self-confidence and is absolutely detrimental to the company. Being envious will just waste your time. Yes, you can gain inspiration from leadership experts but do not be disappointed because they possess some qualities which you do not. Inspiration from other experts will help you to evolve as a leader, and that is necessary, but if negativity permeates within your core, your self-esteem will break.

Do not be a control freak

It is a fact that you will not be able to control everything so, do not try to do it. Being an over-achiever and perfectionist is okay, but do not let that disappoint you when you cannot achieve what you aimed for. Failure cannot decide what you are capable of. Many leaders get heart-broken when they see things do not turn out the way they expected, and this leads them to undermine their potentiality as a leader. Strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities are all a part and parcel of life; we have got to live with all of these so, stop trying to control everything. 

Avoid being a jack of all trades, master of none

Focus more on your “X-factors” to excel at what you do. You will have weaknesses and vulnerabilities, that doesn’t mean you must run after being an all-rounder because no leader is an all-rounder. 

Make sure to handle your weaknesses positively

A positive outlook will help you to go a long way as a leader. Understanding your weaknesses will help you to develop, try to work on your self-awareness, and get a better picture of who you are and what you are capable of. If you find you are weak at a task, delegate those tasks to people who are experts in carrying out the specific task, learn from them, and derive inspiration. You will have something to learn from everyone, so be a positive thinker, and keep moving forward.

You have the power to help yourself grow, so don’t let negativities pull you down. You should always remember, you have got this! 

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