Renting A Car In Montreal – Things To Look For

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If you are planning to visit Montreal and explore the nooks and crannies of the city by road then renting a car is the best possible way to capture the essence of the city. You can not only explore Montreal but also different parts of Canada when you have a car.

Car rental in Montreal is convenient and affordable; either you can do it online or you can physically visit a car rental office and book a car that suits your requirements and preferences. You can use the car as your own i.e. you can drive it, chalk out the routes as per your requirement and stop by whenever you feel like.

Now, while renting a car in Montreal, make sure to look for some really important things like –

  • The rates – The prices generally vary but overall the rent is pretty affordable in Montreal. Just compare the prices and choose the one which suits your budget the best. You can consult the different aggregators who compare the prices for you and provide you with a consolidated comparison chart to make things easier for you. The listing is done very systematically depending upon a lot of factors such as gas prices, season, and much more. 
  • The car type & insurance – This is a major concern because you must decide which car to choose depending on the volume of your luggage, how many people are traveling with you, how many kids are there, whether the car is GPS enabled or not, If you want to travel to the USA, can you do it? Because to cross the border, your car must have required documents, and much more. Almost all types of cars are available from cheaper options to lavish ones. Make sure that whichever car you are choosing must have legit insurance papers. 
  • Requirements & additional fees – People who are 21 years old with at least 1 year of experience as far as driving is concerned can drive in Canada. Your driving license must be up to date but there are some additional charges if you are somewhere between 21 to 25 years old. Look out for all additional fees such as premium location fee, the mileage fee, and much more. Be doubly sure about all the fees and formalities before hitting the road. 
  • Credit card is a must – Well if you want to hire a car in Canada you must have a credit card. They will check the name on the credit card and the driver’s name, also the name has to be the same as that on the card. 
  • Be sure of the Driving rules – Every country has different driving rules so learn about the rules properly and follow the basic instructions such as put on a seat belt while in the car (applicable for everyone sitting in the car), Do not use cell phone while driving, any child whose weight is between 10 to 18 kg must be seated in a secured child seat which faces forward, know the traffic rules and much more. 

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