Should You Be Study Fashion Merchandising

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Are you looking for an employment opportunity that exploits your fashion tastes and analytical capabilities?

Then fashion merchandising may be the field for you. Fashion merchandising is the formulation of merchandising and marketing strategies based on current popular fashion trends. Fashion merchandising is a great reminder of the fact that the world of fashion is much more expansive than just design.

A fashion merchandiser may be responsible for engendering the numerous coupons for example Vogacloset coupon code. There are a lot of pillars that prop the industry up and help it thrive – merchandising being one such example.

What do fashion merchandisers do?

It is not sufficient to merely design a line of clothing. To generate profits, the line must reach retail stores and engage in sales. Fashion merchandisers make this step happen. They are not designers in the traditional sense of the term, although a basic fashion intuition is imperative for the profile.

Instead, merchandisers use strategies, data, and analytics to devise appropriate amounts of stock for each style, negotiate manufacturing terms, and follow the trends. In short, merchandisers look after the management aspects of the fashion industry.

Here are some of the typical responsibilities of the fashion merchandiser –


A fashion merchandiser will have to determine the next big trend in the world of style. This is important to generate adequate sales and profits. A merchandiser will have to use their data analytics and fashion tastes to see how a particular product has performed in the past and determine whether or not it should be continued in the line, depending upon consumer demand.

Buying and cost management

The next time you go to a retail store and find all the shelves full of products, thank the fashion merchandiser. They have to carefully judge how much of a specific product should be stocked in retail stores. The discretion is important since they usually have a budget to maintain. They have to negotiate prices with designers and manufacturers so that everyone makes a profit. Since one merchandiser works for multiple stores, they have to diagnose the stock management separately for each branch, depending on the client base.

Promotional activities

Merchandisers may also have to market fashion products and create brand awareness. They are required to have efficient marketing capacities and a thorough understanding of the local market. There are several tactics that a merchandiser may employ to get their message across- it usually depends on their budget and creativity.

How can you become a fashion merchandiser?

A fashion merchandiser will have to have both qualitative and quantitative expertise in fashion. They are expected to be creative, motivated, and able to work in fast environments. There are several undergraduate finance and management programs that can help you prepare for a role in fashion merchandising. For example, a business administration degree will provide you with the training you need to handle a corporate job – one that will be infused with myriad opportunities for innovation, imagination, and unending excitement.

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