How Can You Use Your MMJ Card on Vacation?

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The health benefits of cannabis are being recognized gradually. Over the years, it has formed a part of many medical treatments. Doctors advise regular consumption of cannabis infused edibles to heal various medical conditions including depression, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel problem and obesity to name a few.

But what if you are planning that much needed vacation with your partner to a different state? Unlike the other medications prescribed for your treatment cannabis cannot be taken along just like that nor can you get it easily over the counter.

You may get into trouble if found carrying this substance. So, should you avoid carrying it along and skip the dose for a few days or weeks? No, we certainly wouldn’t suggest that as it may delay your recovery process. Let us learn about the possible solutions here. We have also shared the procedure to procure MMJ card in California.

Cannabis Rules – When Travelling Inter-State

The question is, can you carry cannabis along when travelling inter-state or is it possible to purchase it from the state you are travelling to if you have a valid MMJ card of your own state?

Well, though medical cannabis has been legalized in many states in the United States however there are several conditions attached to its use. If you are able to prove that you are authorized to use it then there should be no problem if you are found carrying it in states where its use is legalized.

It is thus advised to carry the MMJ card allotted to you by your state as well as the documents that establish that you require consuming the substance for medical purpose. Nevertheless, the cannabis product you are carrying should not contain more than 0.3 percent THC.

Besides, under the concept of medical marijuana reciprocity, you can use your state’s MMJ card to purchase medical cannabis from another state. But only certain states follow this concept. You cannot carry the substance to the states that do not legalize its use. Purchasing is simply out of question! We suggest you avoid travelling to such places to avoid skipping your dose.

Steps to Obtain MMJ Card in California

Here is a quick look at the steps to obtain MMJ card in California:

  • Book an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor via a reputed healthcare technology platforms.
  • If approved after medical assessment, the doctor shall provide recommendation form for medical marijuana on the basis of which you can apply for the card.
  • After receiving the approval, you need to register with the state.
  • Next, submit your application and wait for the card.

Now, the big question! Does California accept out of state MMJ cards? Yes, it follows medical marijuana reciprocity that allows you to use your home state’s card in California.

Although the aforementioned information should be enough to clarify your doubts regarding the use of your MMJ card in other states, we suggest you to read the specific guidelines established by the state you are planning to visit so as to avoid any kind of hassle later.

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