Influence Of Advanced Technologies On The Marijuana Industry

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The marijuana industry has witnessed a boom in the past decade. There is a huge demand for both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana all over the world. And with more and more states legalizing medical marijuana, the consumption level is bound to go higher.

However, this is not happening randomly; advanced technology plays a significant role in the considerable acceptance rate of this wonder plant.

Advanced technologies have significantly impacted the modern world, and people are putting them to use in various aspects of their lives, including healthcare. Technology has started influencing different medical sectors, and medical marijuana is not an exception. In this article, let us explore the influence of advanced technologies on the marijuana industry.

DNA sequencing

Many cannabis strains are available, and each of them comes with different properties. Marijuana is one plant, and thus the products obtained from that should also have the same characteristics. But this is not true; with DNA sequencing, people can get a lot of variations when it comes to cannabis.

Each strain gives unique high experience and diverse potential medical benefits. Advanced technologies related to modern genomics are helping to manipulate cannabis genetics and create the DNA sequence, which will be beneficial for all.

Convenient online retail

Online shopping is a big part of our life now. We can order everything we need online, from clothes to groceries, and even get it delivered to our doorstep. With marijuana legalization in many parts of the USA and all over Canada, people can now order it from the comfort of their home and get doorstep delivery.

The marijuana dispensaries are also using advanced technologies to maintain the seamless flow of the products and enhance their customer’s experiences. To buy medical marijuana from dispensaries, you first need to get prescriptions from a licensed marijuana doctor in your state.

Read on to find out how to get a medical card online or in your state of residence to start enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana on your general wellbeing.

Nanoencapsulation technology

CBD is an oil and cannot mix with water or other substances easily. However, the bioavailability of CBD has increased with the nanoencapsulation process. It can now be made to easily blend with other substances including water. Nevertheless, it is a relatively new technology, and research is still being conducted on this.

Enhanced personalization

Craft beer is one of the most favorite beverages of people worldwide, and the main reason behind it is – personalization. The cannabis industry is going through this phase, where both medical and recreational marijuana is designed to give a craftier experience.

Advanced technology is being put to use to understand what people like and what they don’t. The research would help in creating a cannabis experience that most of the users will feel compatible with.

These are the few ways in which modern technology has influenced the marijuana industry. It is essential to determine what the customers would like and whether the particular strain of the product is safe for their consumption. Multiple pieces of research are still being carried out, and one can expect to see more marijuana-themed unique products in the future that would improve the overall satisfaction rate of the consumers.

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