Top 4 Problems One Face While Sending An Email

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Whether or not you are a corporate professional, an email address is important to you. In a digital era, most of the vital information that we send and receive occurs over mail.

From work emails to important offers, we use our email id to so multiple things, which makes it more important than one may realize. A lot depends upon sending and receiving important emails on a day to day basis, and the failure to send an important email can ruin your entire day.

To prevent that from happening, we’re listing the top four things that may be going wrong with your email so that you can identify and correct any problems quickly.

Problematic passwords

The SMTP error codes bothering you so much may actually be the result of an incorrect password. You might think your password is okay, but the reality may be far from that. It’s often observed that a simple reset of the password can get your email system working again.

To avoid errors with your passwords, avoid copy-pasting them to your site. Doing this may actually generate more room for error because of the extra spaces and characters that can get incorporated in the process. It’s always best to input your password manually to leave no room for error.

SSL/STARTTLS connections

Ensure that your email service provider is connecting you to the SMPTS securely. A secure connection will use either TLS or SSL to safeguard the network between the client and the server. Using SSL or TLS is always a better option, since you will have no protection issues once you are on these connections, and your intent operations will continue to run smoothly.

Network disruptions

Sometimes, the only problem with your email system is your network connection. There are many ways in which your network can get disconnected- if you are using a Wi-Fi or wireless service, you will not know if you have been disconnected from the internet until later. So, one of the first things that you should do is retry the system in a few minutes. If the error is a general one, then the big should fix itself in no time.

Otherwise, you may be saving what is known as a DNS issue. In that case, you will have to change your DNS in such a fashion that the change propagates. Failure to change your DNS may actively prevent you from sending any emails in the future. If the previous scenarios didn’t work for you well, try to contact your service provider via the phone or social media.

SMTP authentication

Before sending emails, check if you have the correct SMTP authentication settings. Incorrect settings may prevent you from sending emails and show you an error in email analytics. The authentication and connection securities– which are the two crucial elements of any email address- must be correct. For servers with SSL, you will have to send and select a plain password.

As insecure as that sounds, it is actually quite appropriate. You are sending a password over a network that has been secured via encryption so you have nothing to worry about.

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