GMAT Study Mistakes That You Seriously Need To Avoid

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While preparing for the GMAT study online, aspirants sometimes find it hard to understand where they are going wrong.

This blog is meant to keep you a step ahead – we are going to highlight the most frequent mistakes so that you can be wary and avoid them altogether. Make sure to avoid mistakes like –

Not having a proper study plan in place

The “more is more” approach can prove inimical to GMAT preps. It means most students sit for practice tests repeatedly and feel that will suffice as far as the GMAT preps are considered. Improving the score alone is not enough is what they fail to understand. Taking tests repeatedly and not taking care of the mistakes means there is no room for tangible developments or improvements.

A simple thing that you must keep in mind is that the GMAT prep must be personal need centric. You have to understand where and how you can improve and what skills you want to develop. Quantity is not vital, rather quality is. So GMAT means you must have a plan and a strategy ready. Every week you have to set targeted goals for yourself.

Instead of studying blindly for three to four hours, you can dedicate a single study session to correcting sentences. Also, take a fifteen minutes practice quiz having fifteen questions about sentence correction to get a grasp on it.

Not focusing on time-management

Time is everything when it comes to GMAT because it is meant to evaluate your time management skills. On the quantitative section? You can allow two minutes for each question. But, for the verbal ability questions, you can only invest one minute and twenty seconds.

Yes, you are expected to be on-the-nose so, basically, there is no scope for dilly-dallying through the sections. So, it is always advisable to take computer-adaptive tests to make sure that you are spending the right amount of time on each question in each section.

Taking CATs will help you to manage time in the examination hall. The test will help you to get a clear picture of the strategies that will, in turn, help you to solve each problem within two minutes or less.

Not paying heed to weaknesses

This is a common mistake students make; they love to spend time in sections they perform well. But it is not a great idea if you want to crack the GMAT because your focus should be on changing your weakness to strength. Huge score inconsistency in sections can be problematic when it comes to your selection in top-notch MBA colleges.

There shouldn’t be much disparity in scores between the verbal and the quantitative sections. You should have command over all the sections, more or less. If you face a problem in handling a particular question in the exam, there is a chance your confidence will be derailed.

Furthermore, nervousness will take care of the rest of the damage affecting your overall score gravely. So, first, find out your weaknesses and spend more time improving those areas. Initial diagnostic practice tests can help you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

Stuffing in the eleventh-hour

This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Students often try to finish off their preps in a hurry and cramp up their brains with information… like really? Do you really think this will help? Of course not because you will hardly be able to retain the excess amount of information, and then the entire hard work will go down the drain. So, while preparing for the GMAT, just keep your composure and prepare steadily over a while.

Do not rely on the last few weeks before the examination. Studying systematically, evaluating your progress by taking mock tests, managing time, honing the skills, and identifying the weaknesses for improvement don’t happen overnight or in two or three weeks. Give yourself time at least three to four months and study for ten to eleven hours a day to prepare well.

Not paying enough attention to health

Rest and a good diet are two indispensable factors that will help you make it through GMAT, and the funny thing is most of the students don’t understand this.

Give your mind and body adequate rest, good nutrition, and let your brain assimilate what you have studied else, what is the point? Don’t push yourself too hard a day or two before the examination because you must be calm and composed to give your best.

Final Words

The best way to steer clear of such mistakes is by taking as many GMAT mock tests as you can.

So register yourself today and rock test day!

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