Studying In The Caribbean – A Quick Guide

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Studying In The Caribbean has much more to offer the students apart from pristine beaches and beautiful surroundings. Most of us imagine a plush vacation at St Barts Vacation Rentals or Barbados Villa Rentals when we hear about the Caribbean since this place gives the perfect celebration vibes.

But if you are a student and aspire to study here, then there are some things that you would find useful to know. In this article, we will give you a quick guide on studying in the Caribbean.

Should you study in the Caribbean?

The schools and colleges here offer similar programs like that of their US counterpart. Being a student, you can either

  • Take a vocational track
  • Or opt for a 2 years program to earn an associate degree
  • Or go for a bachelor’s degree by studying for 4 years and then pursue post-graduation

It is important to note that all Caribbean Universities are not internationally accredited, which can be a problem while pursuing a job in the United States. So before you put up the application, make sure that the instituted is reputed and recognized all around the world.

What is the tuition cost like?

If you are going to the Caribbean for higher education, then the cost will be lesser compared to the prices of the colleges in the U.S. In fact, the tuition cost at Barbados doesn’t exist for students who are involved in a full-time program. You will only have to pay the registration fees during the enrollment procedure. If you do quick research on the tuition fees of the average Caribbean college, then you will see that it is much more affordable compared to other North American institutes.

What is the selection procedure?

The selection procedure in the Caribbean colleges is less stringent compared to the ones in the U.S. Talking about the admission of the students in the U.S. University, the mark sheet dominates it all but when it comes to the Caribbean university, they take an overall assessment of the student rather than focusing only on the academics. This means the enrollment is less competitive.

Also, the university is will be accepting a large number of students irrespective of their performance in the test.

Final Words

When you decide to study in the Caribbean, you must be able to provide all the vital documents in the right language, about your past educational experience. The application should be in the right format that should go well with the education system of the country. Thus, you can see that studying in the Caribbean will go well with students who are adventurous and ambitious. Apart from the studies, you will be able to live in beautiful surroundings and have a great outdoor life.

Just make sure that the university that you are entering into have a reputation and is recognized all around the world. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to get the right job when in the U.S. Thus, when you are starting to make your application, do research well.

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