All That You Would Like To Know About ICANN


Established in 1998 in the United States, ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization that helps maintain the security of the internet and improves its usability. Whenever anyone registers a domain name, the registrar pays a small fee to ICANN. So whether it is a website for e-commerce or education or plantation internal shutters, going through the ICANN scrutiny is mandatory.

Role of ICANN: ICANN develops and enforces policies that keep the web environment safe. It, however, has no control over the content that goes on the internet. It also cannot stop spam from entering the virtual world. It works on formulating and enforcing policies on the internet’s unique identifiers. It helps the users to use the internet on a global scale. ICANN also promotes competitions, expands and evolves the web environment to the next level.

ICANN’s primary purpose of establishment is universal resolvability; it helps the internet run smoothly worldwide. In other words, if two people search for the same thing sitting in different parts of the world, they would get the same results. It makes the internet one, rather than varying the data depending on the location.

ICANN and IP Address: IP Address is a unique complex series of numbers assigned to a particular device. Humans usually find it different to remember the number. Domain names convert these numerals to letters, which makes it easier for people to remember it. ICANN administers the process of handing out IP addresses. It ensures that every IP address is unique, which is a basic necessity.

The decision-making process of ICANN

Suppose an organization suggests changes to the current network. These suggestions are discussed, put down on a report, and are released for public review. In case the changes impact other organizations or groups within ICANN in some way, they can present their opinion about the matter. The views will be put down in a report, and the same will be released for public review.

Both the reviews will be put in a single report and presented in front of the ICANN directors. The reports also contain recommendations based on the feedback. Everything is discussed and reviewed by the director panel before any decision is made. They can accept the suggestion, partially accept, or completely deny it. On rejecting the report, they would explain all the points stating things that are needed to be done, so that the report can be approved.

This process will continue unless both the parties, along with the ICANN directors, can arrive at a conclusion.

The primary role of ICANN is to keep the internet open for all. It plays a vital role in maintaining the way the internet currently works. It formulates and enforces various internet policies so that both content creators and consumers can equally gain coming online. So every time you register a domain, you pay a small fee to ICANN so that it can secure the web. ICANN helps in improving the overall online environment.

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