What Health Conditions Qualify For a Medical Marijuana Card?

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To this day, federal law prohibits using marijuana by categorizing it as a Schedule I drug. This implies that if authorities find someone in possession of marijuana, they can be charged to pay hefty fines or even get arrested in some cases. However, recently, many states in the USA have made exceptions to the laws, and now medical marijuana card is available in some states to treat a variety of health conditions.

What encouraged states to legalize medical marijuana?

In the year 2009, President Barrack Obama announced that if medical marijuana users and suppliers abide by the laws, the federal government will not attempt to arrest them. This was the turning point, and it was followed by states announcing legalized medical marijuana programs, for which individuals had to mandatorily procure a legal state medicinal marijuana card first.

Which health conditions qualify for medical marijuana card?

Not all health conditions can qualify one for the medical marijuana card. Here are some of the most common health conditions that qualify –

  • HIV/AIDS – When HIV attacks the human body, it weakens the immune system, and as a result, the patient loses the ability to ward off any diseases from the body. This range of symptoms arising due to a deficient immune system is called AIDS. Although marijuana cannot reverse the damage caused by the virus, it can help patients control symptoms like nausea and pain, appetite loss, etc.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis refers to about 100 different diseases related to joint pain, and individuals of every age group can be affected by it. It is characterized by joint swelling, pain, and restricted motion of joints. Researchers found that marijuana can be considered as a natural treatment for arthritis because it consists of anti-inflammatory compounds and can even act as natural painkillers.
  • Cancer – Abnormal or uncontrollable cell growth often leads to the formation of masses and tumors and this phenomenon is called cancer. Over time these tumors can interfere with various processes of your body causing an imbalance. But with the use of marijuana, tumor growth can be inhibited which will cause apoptosis, cell death.
  • Chronic pain – When an individual suffers from intense pain constantly for six months, it becomes a chronic condition. The pain can arise from diverse sources like the head, sinus, joints, and lower back. Patients suffering from neuropathic pain issues like carpal tunnel syndrome were prescribed marijuana, the conditions improved significantly.
  • Epilepsy – It is identified by uncontrollable seizures lasting from a few seconds to minutes. Cannabis is an excellent treatment for controlling seizures without any mind-bending effects if the patients are provided with CBD.
  • PTSD – It is a mental health disorder that mostly happens after exposure to any traumatic or shocking event like an accident, physical assault, etc. Numerous studies conducted over the years have concluded that marijuana can help in dealing with anxiety, stress, and it even induces sleep.

Apart from these, even insomnia and depression are other qualifying conditions in some states, and patients suffering from these can also apply for a medical marijuana card.  

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