Can CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

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CBD is widely being used in medical treatments. The use of this herb is known to soothe severe as well as chronic pains and heal various medical health conditions. Patients suffering from diabetes, insomnia, depression and many other ailments have shown substantial improvement with the intake of this natural substance in addition to the other prescribed medications.

This is the reason why medical cannabis has been made legal in Maryland as well as many other places in the United States.

However, the use of CBD still raises brows owing to the reputation attached to it. Many athletes and other professionals refrain from consuming CBD even though it can offer relief from pain just because they fear its use will make them fail drug test.

Can CBD make you fail a drug test? Let us find out. As you go through this piece of writing you shall also find out about the right procedure to purchase cannabis in Maryland.

The Big Question

Drug tests are conducted to check whether a player/professional is performing his task under the influence of a drug or is he carrying out the given work without any such aid. A failed drug test can not only ruin the reputation of a person but can also cause irreparable damage to his career. This is the reason why many people refrain from using CBD even though they are advised to consume it for medical purpose.

The question is whether CBD can make you fail a drug test or not? Well, a simple answer to this is that CBD in its pure, unadulterated form does not make you fail a drug test. However, it is difficult to find out whether the CBD product you are using is pure or has traces of THC. Many CBD products available in the market contain small traces of THC even though they claim to be pure. Such products can definitely bring a bad name to you if you go through a drug test after consuming them. This is why it is suggested to be very cautious while purchasing this substance. It should only be bought from a reliable source. Besides, it is advised to avoid its consumption around the time (may be for a few days) you are likely to take the test.

Steps to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Maryland cannabis program includes strict guidelines that need to be followed to obtain Medical Marijuana Card. One can simplify the process by seeking assistance from professionals employed at Veriheal. Here are the simple steps to obtain medical marijuana card in Maryland:

  • Book an appointment with licensed medical marijuana doctor through healthcare technology platform.
  • Submit all the necessary medical reports.
  • Next, register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and pay the state fee.
  • If approved the doctor shall upload your MMCC ID. He will also certify you for cannabis treatment.
  • Thereafter, you can purchase the herb legally in Maryland


We hope this brief piece of information clarifies your doubts and apprehensions related to the use of medical cannabis.

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