Cannabis Gaming: 5 Best Video Games to Play!

Video games to play with Player smoking cannabis Image

Have you tried playing the narc video game? Do you know how it feels like to play with a marijuana smoker? Video games are a way of getting into the world of fantasy leaving tensions behind. It’s a good way to deal with depression or anxiety. Further, video games take the players to an imaginary world where everything seems so pleasant and fun. Well, if you want to make the players in the game smoke marijuana, these are some amazing video games to try out. Video games for cannabis users are new in the market. There are games willing to include marijuana in their gameplays.

Best Video Games to play when smoking cannabis

1. Far Cry 3

It is an open-ended exciting video game. This is a single video game meaning you can’t play with friends or families. Likewise, if you are using marijuana, this is the perfect game for you. It has been created by Ubisoft Montreal. Also, it is suitable for various platforms like Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, etc. It has so many installations, so you are connected to all the ranges in one form or the other.

2. Narc

Narc is an interesting game established in 1988. It has been developed by Eugene Jarvis and programmed by George Petro. It is one of the best video games for cannabis users. It comes in various series and versions. The player here is responsible for arresting all the drug dealers and sending them to jail. The player files a case against all the drug dealers. If you want to be a police officer, this game can give major feels. It has wide features by unfolding an interesting story in the game.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

It is one of the best smokes cannabis games. Secondly, this game has been in the market since 2013 available for PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360, etc. The game is set in the fictional town of San Andreas with the happenings based in California. It is a single hand game, not to be played with companions. It is best for those staying along at home during weekends.

4. Saints row 1 and 2

Saints Row is an adventurous game revolving around the game named Third Street Saints. Secondly, there are two versions to the game which are both interesting. The formatting of the game is very simple consisting of various racing sequence, comedy elements, etc. The story has been curated by experts. There is a self-referential humor written all over the story.

5. Postal 2

Postal 2 is first person video game made by Running with Scissors. It is perfectly designed for those people who are looking for educational and fun filled games. It teaches children about the difference of recreation and medical marijuana. The game has achieved great success in the world and people are loving the game.


These are some best cannabis used video games. Try playing them after using some marijuana and you will love all of the games.

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