Explore An Impact of Medical Marijuana on Work Productivity

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Since time immemorial, the myth about the stoner stereotype has been associated with using marijuana. But, gradually, the situation is changing as more clinical studies are being carried out, and the medicinal value of marijuana is coming to light. As more people are turning to medical marijuana

Today, the hope of alleviating symptoms of health conditions using a natural solution. In fact, there has been a marked increase in those who want to apply for medical marijuana card in Michigan to boost their productivity at work and reduce stress.

Now the question is – can medical marijuana enhance work productivity? Well, studies carried out on several strains of this plant have shown that it did have a positive effect on some people. Based on the BDS Analytics’ landmark cannabis consumer study, American adults who are marijuana users are most successful (both in personal and professional lives), organized, and are living a happy life with their loved ones. 

How does medical marijuana improve productivity?

  • Offers relief, busts stress – THC in marijuana induces the pituitary to release dopamine. This feel-good hormone makes you feel upbeat, and less stressed. Some find that low potency THC  helps them to get in the correct mindscape to get work done. Reducing stress in your life enlivens you and fills you with a sense of relief. When the mind is at ease, your productivity, and level of concentration increase.
  • When the mind is happy and relieved, we naturally feel more committed towards our work; many professionals have shared how medical marijuana has helped them amp up their productivity. People with a loss of interest in almost everything due to anxiety and depression have found marijuana to be very helpful in reigniting their focus and interest.
  • That thing called “THC” – THC or tetra-hydro-cannabidiol (in higher amounts) can make us feel “high” and hungry, while CBD or cannabidiol doesn’t have any intoxicating effect at all. It is responsible for relieving common symptoms of mental as well as physical problems such as chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, pain, insomnia, and more. The right strains of the cannabis plant containing appropriate amounts of THC are known to improve your productivity. Some experienced cannabis users choose Sativa strains in the morning, while at night, they use Indica. Experts say that the Sativa strains increase the agility of the brain while Indica is used to relax and calm the brain; indica has a physically sedating effect while sativa promotes a “head high”.
  • Creative boost – Researchers believe that using marijuana can enhance the creativity of a person. Many users have reported that they feel more creative, absolutely new perspectives open up, and they feel the rush to create something exemplary and out of the box.  Marijuana helps you to unbox the artistic facet of your character. It inspires you to create and be innovative

Final Thoughts

Sometimes there is no harm in getting the productive high because the feeling of hopelessness and a void can eat up your happiness. But, at the same time, do not forget to micro-dose because this way, you will be able to understand what suits you the best without feeling that you are over-doing it. The trick lies in balancing so that you can enjoy your productivity without overwhelming your mind.

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