How is technology changing the cannabis industry beyond the retail sector?

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The cannabis industry is becoming a tech boom industry. The cannabis industry is building itself up for utilizing the modern tech advancements right from scratch. For example, interested parties can schedule a personalized cannabis coaching session via telehealth for learning how cannabis affects ailments. With the minimal plantations, growers are creating CBD oils, edible gummies, vapes, etc. With the new marijuana era, technological breakthroughs are taking place rapidly.

How does technology help the cannabis industry?

 Creating personalized products

Getting the right mixture of THC and CBD is quite challenging, with different people processing it in another way. The cannabis industry is tailoring the essential blends of oils needed by people. It blends as per the unique physiology of the people. Many companies are already on the road to personalization. Marijuana retailers will be combining the technology in the future. It isolates the individual formulas for delivering to the targeted audience.

Another benefit for the industry is the integrated point of sale accommodating the links of the supply chain. It helps to make data available to the manufacturers and growers. It leads to the efficient development of more CBD products.

cannabis industry Providing efficient growing lights

Marijuana requires a broad spectrum of light. In indoor operations, growing marijuana is quite expensive, consuming a lot of electricity. Likewise, LED technology is revolutionizing the home markets. Marijuana grows in the LED space, with the newer bulbs emitting more spectrum light.

Manufacturers are also introducing directional lamps for efficient point light rays. LED bulbs produce less light than all other bulbs.

Online technology for mmj patients

You can schedule a personalized cannabis coaching session to learn how cannabis compounds work and how to utilize medical cannabis for common ailments. Technology is working very smooth as telehealth has opened up in new states during the pandemic. Platforms like Veriheal connect mmj patients with doctors in their area and make the process of applying for a mmj card less daunting.

Enforcement of law on cannabis industry

Since cannabis is a mind-altering substance, strict laws have been put on its legal use also. Secondly, many reports have allowed law enforcement for administering the legal marijuana limit in the bloodstream. Technology helps to develop the correct influence of cannabis in the body. A breath test will enable people who are consuming CBD products. But the breath test is not reliable for people who have consumed THC products. With the delivery methods changing, the detection will be the same.


CBD is chemical, and since its oil, it is not water-soluble. It separates over time even when put in water. CBD has low bioavailability, and when consumed orally, 20% goes to the bloodstream. Having smaller emulsions allows the product to mix well with water. It also becomes straightforward to consume.

Many manufacturers have developed Nano CBD products, but the technology is not advanced yet.


The cannabis industry has been well developed with technological advancements. It’s how the manufacturers use the tech to boom the cannabis industry. Cannabis is also used for treating illnesses and diseases. So, the only thing is to know how to make the sector work efficiently.

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