Which Are The Safer Method For Smoking Cannabis?

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One cannot deny the popularity medicinal cannabis has gained in recent years. People are exploring different ways of Smoking Cannabis to improve its effect on the body and mind.

If you are searching for a healthy way to smoke marijuana, we should let you know that there is no 100% safe method as yet. So you need to exercise caution and have control. But out of all the possibilities, there are slightly less harmful methods than the others. Let us take a brief look at the safer and more popular cannabis smoking techniques.

  • Dabbing – Many avid smokers think dabbing gives them a clean high but note that this method has a higher THC concentration than other methods. This is a comparatively newer method of smoking, and its full impact is yet to be known.
  • Vaping – Many smokers consider vaping to be safer than smoking, it might be true to an extent, but the latter has its side effects. Vaping cannabis can make you inhale THC, which is a matter of concern. You might feel a more powerful impact of cannabis with vaping, no matter the THC amount present in it. It can affect your lung health and also your potency.
  • Bongs – This is one of the most popular methods of smoking cannabis as one does not get the dry heat. Though it feels smooth while inhaling, it would affect your lungs equally.
  • Joints vs. blunts – The health risks of blunts smoking are relatively high because it involves taking out the tobacco from cigars and filling it with marijuana. The cigar papers are toxic and can affect your health badly. Joints are a better option when compared to the side effects of blunts. Talking about the sizes, blunts are way bigger than joints- when you smoke one blunts, it is equal to smoking six joints.

As already mentioned before, there is no entirely safe method of smoking cannabis. However, if you want to experience the effects of marijuana, there are several other ways of doing so, like edibles, sublingual, tinctures, topicals, and suppositories.

But if you prefer smoking your marijuana, and wish to keep it as healthy as possible, then do remember the following points –

  • Never hold the inhale for a more extended period. Doing so would expose your lungs to tar for a prolonged time.
  • Use FDA-approved rolling papers which consist of fewer toxins and are safer. Remember that chemicals in flavoring can be toxic.
  • Use glass bongs and pipes instead of the plastic variant, which might contain harmful chemicals.
  • Ensure that your rolling paper and the surface you are preparing the cannabis from are clean and tidy.
  • Avoid sharing mouthpieces or passing joints. By doing so, you are swapping spits with the other person, which can cause various infections.

Final Thoughts On Smoking Cannabis

With these few tips, you can reduce certain health risks. You can try out any method that you find easier and as per your preference, but it is best to avoid smoking marijuana daily.

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