An Expert’s Recommendation to Eat Sushi the Right Way

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Authentic sushi bars in Japan are usually run by the chefs themselves, where they serve freshly made to a limited number of people at one time. In countries outside Japan, there is often a system of tipping the chef himself besides POS systems for restaurants for billing.

It is undoubtedly one of the most exotic and delicious dishes from Japan and is made purely from rice. Although wasabi sauce is most popular, many people also prefer to use Mayo or eel sauce on top of their sushi. But when it comes to eating most people do not know the proper method or etiquette of eating it.  

The right way of eating Sushi

  1. Clean your hands before eating. Pick up the sushi that you have ordered with your hands and do not use chopsticks for the same. In this way, the perfect shape won’t be disturbed. Sashimi and ginger are picked up by chopsticks.
  2. Use your chopsticks to tilt the fish to dip it into a hint of soya sauce. Do not mix the soy sauce and rice together.
  3. Place it on to your tongue faced down. In this way, you will get the full flavor of the sushi. 
  4. If you intend on putting more wasabi, use your chopsticks and use very little of it. Do not mix wasabi into the soy sauce as it would taste disastrous.
  5. Eat the entire piece in one bite. If the sushi seems too big to go into your mouth, then ask the chef to adjust all the portions for you.
  6. Eat the ginger between the sushi pieces and not while you are having the fish.
  7. The rice is something that deserves attention. It complements the sushi with a perfect combination of texture, vinegar, and temperature.

Some things worth knowing about sushi

Do not rub the chopsticks

If you are going to a nice Japanese restaurant, it is considered rude to rub chopsticks after breaking them. When you rub them, it loosens the bits of wood inadvertently telling the chef that they have used cheap utensils.

How to dip the sushi properly into the soy sauce?

Do not drench it into the soy sauce. You just need very little of it. Just pick up, roll it and then dip it into the soy sauce. Just dip the fish and not the rice.

What is the use of ginger?

Ginger is an essential ingredient while having sushi. Ginger helps in cleansing the palate for the next round of fish.

How can you deal with wasabi burn?

If you have taken in too much of wasabi and your mouth is burning, then stop taking breaths from your mouth and use your nose for breathing. The burn will be gone within seconds.

You can drink soup

Many people prefer drinking miso after having sushi. And it is okay to drink miso directly from the bowl. Miso has to be ordered only after the main course. Drinking from the bowl seems easier as well.

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