Exquisite Rugs by Lawrence of La Brea: Elevate Your Space

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You’ve chosen elegant furniture and designer blinds for a cozy living room ambiance, but feel something’s missing? Despite antiques and plants, the look lacks completion. Enter exquisite rugs.

An exquisite rug is a must for every household – whether it has  high end furniture or simple one. It has been observed that even the most simplest of interiors can be given a tasteful twist by adding a beautifully designed area rug. You think we are exaggerating? Well, in that case we suppose you haven’t come across the rugs designed by Lawrence of La Brea.

Read on to find out about the same!

How It All Began?

With the intent to accentuate the ambience of houses, restaurants and other such places, David Nourafshan decided to come up with something simple and economical yet stylish. He always had a fetish for rugs and it was time to take this love to the next level. He decided to come up with beautifully designed colourful rugs in different sizes and fabrics to match different interiors. The idea was implemented soon after and since then there has been no looking back.

Nourafshan has been offering awe-inspiring rugs since the last 25 years. He collaborates with some of the most talented designers worldwide to offer the most brilliant pieces to his clients. His company boosts of creative and hard working employees who are dedicated to spin aesthetically designed rugs that have the capacity to enhance the look and feel of a place in an instant.

Exquisite Rugs Up for Grabs

Lawrence of La Brea offers the most exquisite rugs from around the world. It has the finest collection of Tibetan, Chinese, Turkish as well as French rugs and tapestries. These pieces are known for their inspiring, intricate designs and perfect colour combinations.

Traditional designs and modern design techniques are brought together to give shape to these essential home decor items that resonate well with the modern interiors and yet render a mystic old world charm.

Whats More?

The company does not only provide an impeccable range of colourful and classy rugs but also helps in the installation, cleaning and maintenance of the same. So, you get a complete package when you make a purchase from this highly reputed firm.

You can easily book an appointment for thorough cleanup of your area rug with just the click of a button and its team of professionals should be there to assist you within no time. You can very well avail this service at home or allow the professionals to pack your beautiful belonging, tidy it in their exclusive facility and deliver it back within the committed time.

Well, the rugs and tapestries offered by Lawrence of La Brea are truly amazing. We are sure you will agree if you have seen their collection!

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