Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs: Start Now or Regret Later!

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Arthritis, joint problem and hip pain are common conditions that occur in dogs as they grow old. Some of them may even experience these health issues while they are still young. Those suffering from such conditions experience stiffness and soreness in their joints which in turn restricts their movement. The condition is extremely painful in most cases and worsens further if proper care is not taken.

If you have a pet you must be very particular about its eating habits and overall health from the very beginning in order to avoid the occurrence of such painful condition. Their daily diet must contain joint supplements as they offer the necessary nutrition required to strengthen joints and ensure joint mobility. It has been observed that regular consumption of these supplements lowers the chances of incurring joint problems substantially.

Let us understand as to what makes joint supplements so essential for dogs:

Basic Ingredients in Joint Supplements For Dogs and their Need

Basic ingredients that form a part of the joint supplements for dogs are as follows:

  • Glucosamine: This ingredient forms an essential part of these supplements. It is known to keep the joint cartilage in proper working condition. It also heals damaged cartilage.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: They are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that bar the occurrence of swelling and soreness in joints.
  • Chondroitin: This substance combats the white blood cell enzymes. This helps in strengthening the cartilage.
  • Methylsulfonyl Methane: It heals joint pain and inflammation and is thus added to these health supplements.
  • Yucca root and turmeric are also among the key ingredients used in the preparation of joint supplements for dogs.

When combined together, these ingredients maintain joint health and lower the chances of joint stiffness and soreness.

As a pet owner, you need to understand that in certain cases, joint pain is almost inevitable as it is genetic but the pain can be lowered to some extent and healed over time with regular consumption of supplements. In many cases, however, this condition can be prevented completely with the help of these supplements.

Supplements Coupled with Healthy Lifestyle

Just as merely following a balanced diet and regular exercise regime is not enough to maintain joint health similarly ignoring these aspects and just relying upon supplements also does not do any good. Adding supplements to your dog’s daily diet in addition to following a healthy lifestyle is the key to ensure good health. So, you must work on all these aspects.

Besides, just in case your dog still develops this condition you must not ignore it and ensure he gets proper medication on time. Supplements also help in the healing and recovery process. So, they must be given in addition to the medication.

We hope this piece of information helps you understand as to why joint supplements are extremely important for dogs. Their consumption should begin when your dog is still young and they should continue to form an essential part of your its diet as it grows.

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