Know Your Coffee Beans – A Guide For The Coffee Shop Owner

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To know how to open coffee shop and run your café successfully, you first need to understand the industry well. And that, of course, includes knowing the selection criteria of coffee beans for your coffee shop.

Crafting a refreshing cup of coffee is the ultimate goal of coffee shops, but to make a difference in competition, wouldn’t you like to offer something that no one else does? Wouldn’t you like to go the extra mile to be remembered and loved?

Then you must certainly start from the basics – knowing the coffee beans and what works best for each of them.

Variety of beans

There are two main bean types named Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are high in their quality than Robusta and about 70% of coffee shops buy Arabica Coffee.

Arabica coffee beans

  1. Arabica beans are found in Ethiopia and Yemen and not grown in any part of the world.
  2. It should be grown at about 3,000 feet above sea level
  3. It contains a lesser amount of caffeine than Robusta variety
  4. It needs a humid and tropical climate to grow
  5. It can be cultivated depending on the weather conditions and it can be grown any time of the year.
  6. The temperature should be about 68o Fahrenheit to cultivate Arabica beans.

Robusta coffee beans

  1. It is originally from Africa but is grown even in Brazil and Vietnam.
  2. It can be grown on any kind of height and elevation
  3. There is no specific temperature to grow these beans, but the humid climate is most preferable.
  4. Robusta coffee beans are of lower quality.
  5. Mostly used in making instant coffees
  6. It contains higher caffeine levels.
  7. It has higher resistance power to pests and so there is much greater yield than Arabica coffee beans.

Type of roast to use

Coffee needs a good roasting before they can be served. They are picked up when green and then sent to their destinations for roasting and maintaining the freshness in it. The different types of roasts are listed as under:

  • American roast: American roast is not like a regular roast; they are medium roasted to a mild flavor and the taste is not too strong and not too mild.
  • French Roast: This is strongly roasted which comes from heavily roasted beans. The brew is deep brown and it has a strong flavor.
  • Italian Roast: These types of roast has a strong flavor and made for espresso drinks as it has a black-brown appearance.
  • European roast: This blend consists of two-thirds of heavy roast and one-third of the regular roast.
  • Viennese Roast: This is opposite to European roast. It consists of one-third of heavy roast and two-thirds of the regular roast.

Origin of Coffee Beans

American beans come with the right amount of acidity and provide a well-balanced cup. The coffee from Brazil has a darker side and flavor and suitable for espressos. The coffee has a chocolaty flavor while Hawaii beans are sweet and milder.

Buying wholesale beans is best as it comes in packs and one-time buying can save a lot of time!

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