Who’s Stalking You On Instagram? Can You Really Find Out

Instagram stalker Image

Stalkers are everywhere, they are on Instagram as well and you never know while you are reading this blog, someone already might be lurking in your social media closet.

Social media is a vast platform where millions of people engage with each other, with brands, and they showcase their talents, their daily activities, whereabouts, and much more. While social media platforms like Instagram have given a new life to many people, at the same time these platforms have made us vulnerable and our lives an open book. So, it is the need of the hour that we find out ways to keep ourselves protected from harm and stalkers.

But can anyone really find out who’s stalking their profiles on Instagram?

The answer is yes. And the motive of this blog is to elucidate the easy steps that can be followed to know who the stalker is. 

  • Use an Instagram tracker – Smart mobile applications such as Snoopreport help in finding out an insta stalker who could be a potential threat. This application will show you all those accounts who are watching or keeping a track of all your posts, stories, and so on. Also, you will be able to see the recent activities of the stalker you are monitoring plus who he or she is following or what sort of content they are engaging with. 

  • Check your Instagram stories – Instagram will show you all the viewers who have watched your story. You must pay heed to the accounts that are not on your followers’ list but are keeping a track of your stories daily. The people who react on your content almost immediately, and watch your stories regularly without fail are most likely stalking you. The stalkers will be among the first few on the viewers’ list.
  • Check the likes and views on your content – Instagram will show you who all like your posts and comment on those, you just have to check the notifications. If the users are not your followers then pay attention because they don’t receive any sort of notification, in fact, your content doesn’t show on their feeds either then how do they like or engage with your content so quickly? It is because they regularly check your profile multiple times in a day and keep a track of what you are posting, a sign of a potential stalker…. don’t you think?
  • Check your followers – If yours is a public account then keep a track of who your followers are. If you come across an unknown account, stop and check for mutual friends on Instagram, you will be able to see it easily just below the bio information and the profile photo. 

Having a stalker is not always bad. If it is harmless stalking, for example, somebody finds you pretty or interesting and just loves to check your posts, then there shouldn’t be any problem. But if you feel things are becoming creepy and over the top, then take a stern step and stop it altogether. Third-party applications like Snoopreport will help you to keep your account safe from creeps. 

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