10 Healthy Habits To Get Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

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Counting days to tie the knot with the love of your life? It is important to get glowing skin on your wedding day.

You must be filled with anticipation and excitement. But are those butterflies in your stomach becoming too much to handle?

Well, pre-wedding blues i.e. the tension and stress are very common, and you are not alone. You have to be mentally and physically healthy so that you can plan out everything and look your best on your D Day.

Your preps to stay healthy should ideally start right after you buy the best engagement rings Brisbane so that you have enough time to calm your mind and look happy and to get glowing skin on your wedding day.

Wondering where to begin? Well, here are 10 healthy habits you can easily adopt to get glowing skin.

Stick to a healthy sleep schedule

The excitement before the wedding might keep you awake, but it is not at all a good idea. Having less sleep is not only bad for your health but will also affect your mind. It will result in your skin becoming dull and you will even get under-eye dark circles. Maintain a sleep schedule wherein you will sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Also, try and avoid your mobile phones 2-3 hours prior to your sleep.

Stay active to get glowing skin

Do not compromise on exercising. You can download a good yoga app and practice the Asanas every day. You can also go out for walks in the evenings. This will mobilize the blood along with maintaining your overall well-being. It is a proven fact that exercising on a daily basis can even reverse the aging process.

Plan weekly date nights

Do something that you will really like, like, going for a comedy show or a funny movie. You can even plan a date at home. When you are happy from inside, that will show on your face and as a result, your skin will surely glow. You can also go for couple spas, therapies, etc. and do things together that you people really enjoy.

Balanced diet helps to get glowing skin

We all wish to look good in our wedding photos and fit into that beautiful dress on which we have our eye on. Instead of starving yourself to lose some weight, go for a balanced diet. This will not only help you to be in shape but will also make your skin glow. Processed food and fried food can make your skin look dull and may also be bad for your overall health. Instead, opt for fiber-rich and complex carbohydrates, they are really good.

Some food items that are great for good skin, are:

  • Raw vegetables- Carrots, cucumber, beetroots, Indian gooseberries are really good and they can enhance the glow on your skin as well.
  • Green tea- This is full of antioxidants and works great to increase metabolism and reduce skin dullness.
  • Papaya- Along with eating papaya, you can incorporate mashed papaya in your face pack. The fruit is full of vitamins, minerals and many other components that will work great on your skin.
  • Turmeric- It enhances the complexion of the skin and also gives a golden glow

Increase water intake

Water is not only important for staying hydrated but it can improve your overall health and skin glow. The amount of water that you should drink varies from one person to another, so check what’s best for you.

Include probiotics

Another important way of staying healthy is by incorporating probiotics in your diet. You can get probiotic drinks in the market easily. Some foods that are rich in probiotics will be Kimchi, Yoghurt, etc. They promote good bacteria in your intestine and help you to get rid of indigestion, promotes energy along with giving you healthier and glowing skin.

Try incorporating this element in at least one meal per day. For instance, yogurt is an anti-aging food that not only fades sunburn but also combats skin problems like acne. You should consume a cup of yogurt every day.

Meditation helps

Be sure to meditate on a daily basis. This will make your mind stress free and will also soothe your soul. Meditation is a great way to get rid of stress. You should meditate every day in the morning. Just take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and sit quietly to concentrate and meditate.

Chart out your skin routine to get glowing skin

You will not need to start a new skincare routine before your wedding, but make sure to pamper them a bit to see some great results. Never ignore the cleansing, toning and moisturizing schedule. You can use some homemade face packs according to your skin problems and skin types. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of the dead skin cells. When you take good care of your skin, you can prevent problems like aging, wrinkles, acne and so on. You can also opt for dry brushing in order to improve blood circulation in your face and that soft and glowing skin.

Use a hand cream

If you are a winter bride then this tip is true for you. No one would want a white charred hands on the wedding day. So every time after washing your hands make sure that you apply a nice hand cream to prevent dryness.

Cut down on sugar to get glowing skin

We know this is the time, when everyone around will want to pamper you and what can be better than sweet treats. But do not get lured by its taste. They are really bad for your overall health and skin. Instead of incorporating sugar in your diet, go for healthier snacks like walnuts along with antioxidants, Vitamin C, etc. to get that flawless skin. You can have a Sunday binge of course, but controlling your sugar cravings can benefit your body in ways that you haven’t thought of.

Final thoughts

Along with these tips to get a healthy body, mind and flawless skin, don’t forget to stay optimistic and look for all the positivity the world around you has to offer!

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