Which cosmetic dental and eyebrow procedures to go for?

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When it comes to appearance, your smile is important and one of the very first things a person notices about you. First impressions are important and ugly-looking teeth may send the wrong impression. To some extent what our teeth look like is genetically determined and of course environmental factors are also important.  For example, people who drink a lot of coffee or who smoke may have stained teeth. The sad reality is people growing up in poorer conditions may suffer from some degree of malnutrition or lack of access to good dental and eyebrow procedures.

Regardless of why your teeth need work done there are often more affordable options outside of countries such as the United States. The Vera Clinic in Turkey is one such place that offers a range of cosmetic procedures including work for your teeth and eyebrows.

Dental veneers, crowns and implants for teeth

Dental veneers are done on the front teeth, which are those that are most visible when you smile. The front teeth are the incisors and canines and they often become chipped or discolored making a smile less than attractive. A dental veneer is a thin shell that is attached over your natural tooth. They can be used to change the appearance, size and shape of your teeth.

Crowns are commonly made and used when a person has a root canal. This is because the natural tooth is usually too damaged and needs to be filed down and a crown put in place. Porcelain crowns are very attractive and are made to match your natural teeth.  Although crowns are pricey, dental implants are even more expensive, but are the best choice if you can afford it. Implants have many advantages over crowns and veneers and they are screwed into the jawbone for extra strength and support.

FUE transplant for eyebrows

You may not think that eyebrows are that important, but they really do accentuate your eyes and they add much to your natural beauty.  It is possible to have cosmetic work done on your eyebrows; in fact many people choose to have a FUE eyebrow transplant. The FUE was developed as an improvement on the FUT for head hair transplants, but the use has now extended to help people who need work done on their eyebrows.

Instead of a transplant, some people simply use makeup or plucking to change their eyebrows; however these are not permanent solutions and can easily go wrong. There are cases where people have overplucked their eyebrows; a FUE eyebrow transplant can help in such situations to replace missing hair and make your eyebrows thicker.

Besides work on your teeth and eyebrows, there are other cosmetic procedures you have probably heard of including the use of Botox for fine lines and wrinkles, and face and neck lift procedures. It is smart to do your homework and get a consultation with a cosmetic specialist at a reputable clinic before deciding on any cosmetic procedure.

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