Can You Really Prepare For The GMAT At Home?

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In this pandemic-hit world, where we have been forced to carry out every little work from our homes, preparing for the GMAT at home is very much a reality.

Preparing for GMAT at home will never seem messy or difficult when you take regular free GMAT mock assessments. But of course, you must keep the primary requirements intact. Let us help you understand better

Fix your study zone to prepare for GMAT at home

When you are at home, your body and mind are relaxed, and hence sitting anywhere and everywhere will not help. Thus, it is essential to assign yourself a designated study zone. It would improve your preparation efficiency, and you will not have to waste time trying to find the right studying spot every time. Ensure that your study zone has the following features:

  • Quiet- Your study area should be silent. External noises can always interfere, and it would disturb your concentration and attention. Sit away from places that have traffic noise, construction noise, etc.
  • Well-lit- Sitting in dark rooms, you will feel tired and sleepy. Having dim lights can also strain your eyes and reduce your studying capabilities. Choose a corner in your home where you would get ample natural light throughout the day and enough artificial lights in the night time.
  • Open- Your study zone should only have the essential components. A clear workspace can improve your attention, and there will be fewer chances of you getting distracted.
  • Alternative- Always keep an alternate study zone in mind in case you have to shift your base. It would reduce the time you would waste finding another study zone. Ensure that the other place also has all the above criteria fulfilled.

Keep away from distractions, by choice

Focus is the key to succeeding in a tough exam like GMAT. Sitting at home all by yourself increases the chance of getting distracted. You should not only physically be present in your study zone, but your mind should also stay attentive. Here are a few tips that would help you to keep away from distractions:

  • Mobile phone- It would be the best idea to switch off your mobile phone and keep it away while studying. But if you cannot do that, then keep it in “do not disturb” mode. A sudden notification from a social media site can cause enough distraction to take your focus away from your studies.
  • Irrelevant tabs- if you are studying online, then keep only relevant sites open. Make sure to X out from other distractive tabs and browsers that might hamper your study flow. You can use any tab management application in case you are unable to do it on your own.
  • Energy level- Ensure that you have had your food and are high on energy when you sit down to study. An empty stomach can lower your sugar level and reduce your overall efficiency. Also, sit with a bottle of water in case you feel thirsty.
  • Headphones- if any noise is distracting you from studying, wear noise-cancellation headphones so that you can keep away from any disturbances.
  • Complete other chores- Before you sit down to study, make sure to complete all the other tasks. Your mind might feel distracted in case you have pending work to do.

Taking breaks reasonably while preparing for GMAT at home

Taking breaks is a crucial aspect of any exam preparation. It has an overall positive impact on the mind, and it also improves the preparation quality. It would give a boost to your productivity. Follow the given tips to take up the right amount of break between your GMAT home preparation:

  • Rewards- several studies have proven that rewarding yourself is one of the best ways to stay motivated. You can keep a small goal, like completing a chapter, and once you do that, reward yourself.
  • Short breaks- ensure to take even and short breaks every time. Long and extended breaks might interfere with your study pattern, and as an exam aspirant, you would struggle hard to get back the required attention.
  • No social media- Do not scroll through social media while you are on a break. You can install various applications on your phone that would help you in this initiative.

Final words

When you have these basics sorted, remember, you need a study plan. The importance of chalking out and abiding by a robust study plan can make all the difference to your efforts. If you need subject assistance, then there are several online courses and live classes available. And you must take online mock tests regularly to get acquainted with the exam nuances. 

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