6 Things That Indicate You Need a Residential Elevator ASAP!

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Often misconceived as the indulgence of the affluent, Residential Elevators are a necessity and not a luxury in this era. If you have been convincing yourself and/or others, that you and your family do not require a residential elevator and are doing absolutely fine without it, then it’s time you clear your mind and think about it again.

If one or many of the following events map on to your life, know that they are hinting you to get a residential elevator installed – for the health, comfort and happiness of your family.

Elderly guests often visit your home

Being around the love and wisdom of the elderly is a blessing, and if you have frequent aged visitors at your place, you are truly fortunate. But, this makes you responsible for their health and well-being, and you are not expected to take it lightly.

It isn’t unknown that the aged face a great deal of difficulty while climbing up and down the stairs. Moreover, apart from disrupted mobility, age also brings about a lot of respiratory and stamina issues too. So climbing stairs is not advisable for them at all.

The elderly members of the family are keen on being independent

Now, shifting focus from the guests to your own family members – the same health aspects apply to the elderly members of your family too. Due to these health constrictions, your aged members often get dependent on someone else or maybe a device to help them climb the stairs, as it becomes difficult for them to manage it by themselves.

This regular dependence on someone for their personal mobility is psychologically disturbing for some, and they refuse to accept help. This can lead to serious consequences and make them prone to accidents.

You are planning to sell the house in the near future

In this era, when a buyer looks forward to investing in a property, an elevator is something they definitely look for. A house is not a short-term investment. When a person spends a lump-sum of finances to purchase one, they definitely think about the pros and cons from a long-term perspective.

A house without an elevator makes them skeptical and you stand a risk of losing valuable potential buyers.

A lot of inter-floor activities are required in your home set-up

If your house is designed in a way which mandates a lot of inter-floor movement – for example, your bedroom is in one floor, kitchen and dining room is in another, laundry set-up is in another and so on, and it increases the physical excursion of your family members on a regular basis. This might have unwanted repercussions on their health, and also wastes a lot of time.

You have an ill member in the family

Last but at no cost the least, if you have an ailing member in the family, you need to plan to get a residential elevator installed at the earliest. Apart from dragging the sick person up and down, there’s also a great risk of an emergency situation, and you need to be prepared.

In case you decide on getting a residential elevator, it is important to go for a brand you can rely on. Stiltz Home Elevators and Lifton Home Elevators have been extremely reliable and popular choices among buyers – you may consider going for them too.

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