Know more about blockchain technology?

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The current definition of the chain block is the one referred to Bitcoin technology in which the block chain is an integral part of it; unlike the new term ‘blockchain’ introduced by different companies, Altcoin Sidekick and authors for refer to Bitcoin technology in its whole.

A chain block (blockchain), also known as distributed ledger (general ledger distributed), it is a database distributed what register information blocks and interleaves for facilitate information retrieval and verification that has not been modified. Information blocks is it so linked by half of hash pointers that connect the current block with the previous block and so on successively until that is reaches the Genesis of the block.

Blockchain – chain block

Every block what is part of the block contains information on the transactions related to a period (grouped in a structure called Merkle Tree), the address crypto graphic (hash pointer) of the previous block and a number arbitrary unique.

Hash cryptographic function

The information contained in each block is recorded in the form of hash cryptographic, what It allows a check easy, but make impossible recreate the input data. Bitcoin uses the cryptographic hash function SHA-256, which it implies what their hash pointers have a size 256-bit fixed.

A hash function is any function which can use for to assign data of one size arbitrary data size fixed in a time reasonable. The values generated by a hash functions are called hash values, hash codes or just   hash Example of hashing: the function cryptographic in execution. A little Change in the input radically changes the output. This is called an avalanche effect.

Merkle tree function in blockchain

Transactions or data is recorded in each block chain block in a structure Cryptographic hash pointers called the tree Merkle. Merkle structure the information blocks grouped in pairs and generate a hash for every block of data. Then, the generated hash is grouped again in pairs and generate a new hash which in it is grouped with another and it repeats in the tree until reach a single block, the tree root, called root pointer hash (hash root) and recorded in the direction of the current block (block hash) for reduce space occupied by every block.

Final Words

In addition, this hash pointer structure allows you travel any Tree Point for check that data have not been manipulated, and that, like than with the chain of blocks, yes someone manipulate a block of data in the lower part of the tree, it is possible that the pointer hash that is on a higher level does not match, and even yes keep going manipulating this block, change It will eventually propagate to the top of the tree, where there can manipulate the hash pointer that We have stored why belongs to one more structure (called block chain) in which a hash has also been created using the root hash as input. Then again any attempt to manipulate any data will be detected simply registering the hash pointer at the top.

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