VPN: The Need for Internet Security in a Digital Society

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Information technology is the single most dominant domain in the present world. Everything is digitized, and every month millions of computers are being connected to the internet. For easy installation and use, many of the hardware and software vendors disable the security features.  A non-technical person may be unaware of that. However, the user is robbed of his privacy, money, and identity in many cases. There are numerous hackers out there ready to steal people’s personal information for the benefits of their own. It is necessary for one to stay protected from all these harms and using VPN is one of the ways. Choosing VPNs with the best VPN rating isessential.

Why internet security?

There is a high possibility of a malicious attempt to damage or disrupt a computer network or system. There are potential cyber events that may cause unwanted outcomes resulting in harm to a system or organization. Some of the cyber threats that people face today are:


This is the most common type of cyber threat, and it comes in three forms — identity theft, password theft, and data theft.


It is the process of sending unsolicited messages and advertisements in bulk often reducing productivity and obstructing genuine business messages.


Cookie is a piece of code sent by a website that a user visited, to a web browser. This data is used by the website to create a customized page for the user the next time he visits the website. But unfortunately, some websites give off this data allowing third parties to gain the information.


These too track information regarding the user’s online browsing behavior and misuse it.


It is usually installed unknowingly by the users while installing something else. However, once inside the system, it monitors the user’s activity on the internet and gives it off to the author in the background.


This is designed to trick users into purchasing or downloading useless and potentially harmful software.


These are malicious programs designed to disrupt the working of a computer system and corrupt data. These are of different types- Virus, Worms, Trojan horse, etc. A virus is a code that can copy itself and has a detrimental effect, and a worm is a subclass of virus which can replicate itself and travel across different networks consuming a lot of memory. Trojan horse is a virus in disguise. Once installed, it can cause the most harmful effects of all.


It is the process of gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. Hackers may be motivated for a multitude of reasons — financial gain, challenge, protest or curiosity.


Internet hoaxes are messages that make all kinds of false claims from saving a dying child to becoming rich quickly. These appear too often and blocks genuine messages.

Phishing and pharming:

These are types of online identity theft and are the most common and dangerous of all.

The need for internet security is thus visible, and immediate action must be taken to protect oneself from the same. Using VPNs with best VPN rating can help protect oneself from all the cyber threats.

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